Our offer includes services related to production and construction of exhibition stands

As a part of our cooperation, we offer:

  • Preparation of a functional concept and a 3D visualization of the stand
  • Preparation of comprehensive technical documentation of stands
  • Production of components of stands. We have ready-made exhibition stand systems but we also use elements that enable construction of fully customized stands (MDF, wood, plexiglass, etc.)
  • Transport and full logistics of the stand at the exhibition site, fulfilling the formalities, obtaining permits, payment of fees, etc.
  • We obtain the required permits and approvals of technical designs from the trade fair organizers
  • Construction of the stand in accordance with the design, including appropriate utilities connections (water, electricity, Internet), distribution of electrical systems, and installation of lighting
  • We provide comprehensive exhibition stand equipment, to include leaflet stands, furniture, LED displays, sound equipment, comprehensive kitchen equipment, storage facilities, etc.
  • During the exhibition we ensure good technical condition of the stand and keep it clean.
  • After the exhibition, the stand is disassembled and the rented space is cleaned; upon the customer’s request, we can store the elements of the stand, which are cleaned and refurbished to be used in the future.


How can an exhibition stand be ordered?

Please contact us

We will provide you with guidelines for preparation of a good design. Our designers and process engineers will prepare a concept and visualization in accordance with the best practices used in the exhibition industry. Based on this concept, we will determine the costs of the stand. The project manager will help you go through all the formalities and will assist in your contacts with the organizer of the exhibition.


Why it is worth to work with us

  • We have a good understanding of the problems associated with participation in trade fairs and can support you at each stage of preparation and participation in exhibitions.
  • We offer creative partnership-based cooperation at a reasonable cost.
  • We keep learning and are eager to share our experience with us.
  • We have technical facilities that enable quick and effective performance of exhibition projects.

Comprehensive projects

We provide comprehensive organization of participation in exhibitions and events. Our experiences include many international exhibitions involving many companies in the so-called national stands. We plan, organize, and fully implement exhibition projects. If an exhibition stand requires it, we can rent out the full equipment, to include:

  • Furniture in accordance with the stand’s design, to include sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.
  • Full kitchen equipment, to include professional equipment for cooking shows
  • Multimedia equipment, to include LCD monitors, laptop computers, projectors, sound equipment, microphones, etc.
  • Displays, dispensers, and cabinets for advertising materials
The specialized entities VMG Agencja BTL and VMG Print offer professional assistance in the preparation, composition, and comprehensive production of promotional materials, such as advertising gifts, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, displays, and many others.